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I haven't been able to control my Vengeance RGB Pro RAM in version 3.31 or 3.32.


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Hello all,


I have a Corsair Lux keyboard, Asus Motherboard and Vengenace RAM. I am using CPU & GPU temperature to dictate lighting colours for my RGB products, this works perfectly. For some reason, since updating from 3.28 to 3.31 I have been unable to control my RAM RGB colour at all.


Look here:




You can see there's only one lighting effect and none of the colours match. The RAM lights stay orange and pink no matter what.


Under the device options "Enable full software control" is selected and I'm on the latest firmware.


What can I do to fix this? Thanks.

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Hey RockandGrohl , sorry to hear that. Looks like the LEDs on the RAM are stuck to that orange and pink.


What happens if you customize the LEDs on the RAM on its own? meaning not enabling lighting link, does it behave the same way?


I would also try rolling back to 3.28 and see if the problem goes away. At least we know that that your RAM has the latest FW.

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