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Lighting Node Core half working


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I bought a Corsair ICUE 465x RGB case, which also came with a Corsair Lighting Node Core pre installed.


I also installed a Corsair H150i Pro RGB Cooler.


The case came with 3 x LL120 RGB fans and I installed 3 x additional Corsair LL120 RGB fans.


I have connected all 6 fans into ports 1-6 of the Node and all 6 fans spin.


However, only 3 fans light up, the front 3 fans, plugged in to port 1-3 of the Node.


Also, the Node does not show up in Corsair Link or in ICUE.


When I swap aprons the wires, the other 3 fans light up when connected to ports 1-3.


So ports 4-6 are just not working.


Any ideas?





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The Node Core won't show up in Link. Only iCUE. Make sure that you have the latest version.

Make sure that it is connected to a USB header on your motherboard.

You need to configure the LNC in iCUE - and resetting it reverted the factory settings with the number of fans that come with the case.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah I’ve tried it plugged into to all 3 of the USB Headers on my Motherboard. And I’ve also tried completely uninstalling and then reinstalling ICUE and making sure that I have the latest version.


I’ve also updated the USB drivers for my motherboard, done a Windows Update and I’ve checked all the Windows 10 Power settings to make sure that none of the USB’s are being turned off or sacrificed.


The LNC still isn’t being detected by ICUE.


I also downloaded some software for checking USB devices and it couldn’t detect the device or anything by Corsair either.

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