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6 QL120 Fans, only 1 and a half light up


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I just built a new computer and am new to RGB. I have 6 QL120 fans that are all spinning but the lighting is only working on a single fan and the center of the second fan.


- 6 QL120 Fans are plugged into the Lighting Node Core and Commander Pro

- Lighting Node Core is plugged into SATA power and into the USB on Commander Pro

- Commander Pro is plugged into SATA power and internal USB header


I can only see the lighting on the 1st fan and 2nd fan (only inner ring). All 6 fans are spinning and can be controlled via iCue. All 6 fans show up on iCue Lighting Setup/Channel.


*Update*: I have now tried a second Lighting Node Core with no change. I have also tried plugging the Lighting Node Core directly into the motherboard internal usb header with no change. I have also tried having the Commander Pro and Node Core powered by separate SATA power.


Unless I am missing something obvious, I either received 4 1/2 dead rgb fans out of 6??? These were purchased brand new sealed.


*Update #2*: Ok, I now tried switching RGB connectors on the Lighting Node Core. I took the #1 and switched it with #4. Now the #4 fan (plugged into the #1 position of the Node Core) is fully RGB, but the previous #1 fan (now plugged into the #4 position of the Node Core) has no RGB.


*Update #3*: Ok, so I had a hunch the #2 position fan could have an issue and causing each fan after that to also have an issue. I removed the RGB plug of the #2 position fan and now every fan has RGB except the unplugged one. I believe I may have solved the issue, just 1 bum fan.


*Final Update*: Yes, it was the #2 position fan. It looks like it needs to be RMA'd and was causing all other fans after it to not work.

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