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Ironclaw Wireless Mouse Kinda garbage


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So I bought this mouse from PAX last year and it was fine, it was great. Wireless mouse woo hoo, I'm against the cult of wired mouse now. But now I'm a little fed up.


3 months ago:

|"Middle mouse button needs to be pressed harder to work and holding it down will sometimes let go on it own. Also the mouse will stopped working for about 2 seconds when in use and it will work again even with full charge."


Corsair Support:

"Since there isn't much that we can do about with your mouse as the issue is already a problem with the Omron clicker"


Result: Received a refurbished unit.

Ok cool. No problem


1 month with the replacement:

"The left clicker of the mouse sometimes double clicks or repeated clicks for few seconds when pressed down once or hold down and then it releases on its own."


Result: Received a 2nd RFU


Over the course of 1 week:

Literally the same problem as the last RFU but with a bonus, the scroll wheel when scrolling up or down makes a small scraping sound and when the middle mouse is pressed down, it stays down where I have to pull it back up.


Result: Received a brand new unit


I don't know man, I like this mouse and it fits my hand, pretty comfortable, can pew pew fine. But after 24 hours of usage, I was playing R6 siege shooting a few things with my pistol like 1 shot every 2-4 seconds. I noticed one of the shot, it double shot like it double clicks as I press down once. Doesn't happen all the time, I can do it 5/20.


I can tell this is gonna be a problem, again. I'm just using it normally, not mashing the clicks or throwing it around.


Corsair, why you do this? Do I RMA again to get ANOTHER brand new unit or switch over to a different brand?

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They do it because like other makers, they bought the chinese Omron switches in bulk, and they are betting on the numbers that there won't be issues, and simply replace and replace until you get a working one. The guys doing the refurbs are prolly taking used mice and fixing the broken wheels and not replacing the switches.


I have a refurbed Ironclaw Wireless to replace my perfectly working one that had developed a broken wheel. I never used it. I have a G903 Hero that I bought while I waited for the RMA to happen. (which took 2 weeks to get the reply)


EDIT: decided to test it out, at least it doesn't double-click (wired at least) The skates also have more drag than the G903 Hero. And I used to think the Ironclaw wasn't that heavy, until I started using it after 2 months of the G903. :D I have to depress the click buttons more to register vs the G903.

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