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Dimension 4700 - Several DDR2 questions


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I just bought a new Dimension 4700. It came with one stick of 256 Meg Dual Channel DDR2 PC3200 Ram.

I want to upgrade to a total of 1 Gig.



1. Corsair website says the compatible product would be CMSS512MB-533. I can buy 2 sticks of this, but I find the value series (VS1GBKIT533D2) to be much cheaper. Is the value series compatible?

2. When I shop around many times DDR2 memory is not listed as "Dual Channel" memory. Is all DDR2 memory dual channel? Must I have "Dual Channel" for this Dell?

3. If I install 2 512 sticks of 533 mhz ram, can I still put the existing 256 meg 400 mhz ram in the 3rd slot?



Thanks all!

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There is no such thing as Dual Channel memory, as this is a property of the memory controller in how it handles memory. This is why you can place memory in different slot configurations on a motherboard and it will register as single or dual channel.

If you run the 400 Mhz and the 533 Mhz memory with each other, it will drop the speed of the memory to 400.


What CPU / DSB do you have in your system?

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If you will replace the memory in your system, Value Select should run great, but if you are planning on adding to the memory that came with your system, I would suggest you get System Select modules.
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