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Void Pro Not Working In Headphone Stand USB Port

expert shooter

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I have the Void Pro USB and its great! I recently bought a new headphone stand to pair with it (amazon link below). It works pretty good with my k70 usb port but i wanted to switch due to my headset slowly turning all audio into crackles due to it not getting enough power (i think). Anyway when i try to use my Void Pro with the headphone stand windows reports an error saying that the usb device i just plugged in malfunctioned. In control panel it has an error code 43. I am also using a usb 2.0 extension cable paired with the 4ft cable that comes with the headphone stand. The headphone stand comes with a usb c to usb 2.0. Amazon links

Cable https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0769K5KPS/ref=custom?smid=&psc=1&pf_rd_p=3fc09be5-f602-4db4-a929-f23488ecf33c&pf_rd_r=cab53fa0-90c6-445c-98e0-d267f0263dc4&pd_rd_wg=6FqPx&pd_rd_i=B0769K5KPS&pd_rd_w=SAwAA&pd_rd_r=cab53fa0-90c6-445c-98e0-d267f0263dc4

Headphone stand: https://www.amazon.ca/Headphone-KAFRI-Extension-Charging-Extender/dp/B08BJW8VKH/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=kafri+headphone+stand&qid=1597953385&sr=8-4

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