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K95 RGB Platinum Disconnects and wont reconnect for some time


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My K95 Platinum has been disconnecting randomly for the past month. It will still show lights but becomes unresponsive. When I try to disconnect and reconnect it, it won’t even light up or be recognized by the computer. After 20ish minutes it seems to work again for a time. I’ve tried updating the BIOS, all my drivers, the firmware, reinstalled iCUE. Last night a powered USB Hub solved the problem in the evening, but to get anything to work this morning, I had to disconnect the hub, attach the keyboard to the computer again, and do a reset on the keyboard to get it going again.


If I can get it to reconnect, it seems to work fine, but when it’s unresponsive after being plugged in right away it seems strange. Any ideas? Problem started end of July 2020.

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