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Question on fan connections

Henry R

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I just moved over to iCue software from Link. I purchased a Commander Pro and a iCue H115i RGB Pro CPU cooler. After I hooked everything up I downloaded the iCue software. Everything is working smoothly, but I have a question on where I should connect the 2 fans I have on the CPU cooler. Should I connect them to the Commander Pro or to the CPU cooler fan connectors? I`m thinking they should be on the CPU cooler`s fan connectors.

Also, how can I identify which fan is fan #1, #2, #3, etc., etc.


Update; Ignore my first question on cooler fan hookup. I found the answer to that in DevBiker`s Cooler FAQ`s. However, I still need to know how to know which fan is 1,2, 3....

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