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Is it fine to connect Node Core to CoPro usb port?


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Sorry for probably a noob question.

I am new here and also new to the whole corsair ecosystem.


I am about to do a cosmetic upgrade to my PC and trying to figure out the best way to connect it all together.


I've got Corsair:


iCUE 465X RGB Mid-Tower ATX Smart Case (comes x3 LL120 rgb fans and Node Core preinstalled) + 3 extra LL120


Commander Pro


PSU AXi 860i


iCUE H115i Pro Xt


I got Commander Pro just because I don't have enough USB sockets on my motherboard. As I have only two of them I am thinking to connect 6 fans LED pins to Corsair Lighting Node Core and connect it to USB slot of Commander Pro. Second fan pins to connect directly to Commander Pro for controling speed. (Not sure how they will be shown in iCUE software if LED connectors go to Node Core and fan speed to CoPro, as I assume the right way is to connect them via LED hub and then to channel one of CoPro)


In the second USB slot on commander pro I am going to plug PSU AXi860 for monitoring voltage. Then Commander Pro along with H115i pump plug directly to the motherboard USB slot one and slot two.


I am also not going to use fans that come with iCUE H115i Pro Xt and I mount a radiator in the front intake of the case using existing fans for pushing air through. Thus, I am wondering is it fine if I leave two fan cables from the pump empty or I need to plug two fan in here instead of Commander Pro?


I am looking forward for your help awesome corsair community

Thanks a lot in advance,




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Yes, that will work.

Optionally, you can replace the LNC with an RGB Fan LED Hub and just control the LEDs from the CoPro. That would save a USB port.


Thanks for getting back to me.

Cool, I probably buy a light hub then. I am thinking of canceling my 465x case as the reason I got it was preinstalled NoCo. I want to go for ENTHOO PRO 2 TEMPERED GLASS


The only worries I have now if my h115i tubes can reach the front of the case (the only place for 280mm rad) as the case is huge :roll:

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