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Audio device initialization is finicky for some apps. Why?

Xan the Dragon

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I'm running into a repeating problem with the iCUE software on my Void Pro and how it interacts with other software on my computer.


While I have the iCUE installed, I've noticed a number of applications, especially Audacity, have difficulty initializing the audio devices for the headset. Should I attempt to select the headset earphone as the output and headset microphone as the input, Audacity will throw an error complaining that it cannot initialize whatever device I set first. This occurs when I either press record or play.


Additionally, many apps including Audacity seem to hardlock for a moment when trying to initialize the devices, yielding for up to about 5 seconds until the audio device is usable and the program unfreezes. This does not occur for all apps, however. There are times when something fails when initializing the microphone on some Source games as well as Discord that causes the headset microphone to sound incredibly robotic and constantly cut out / crackle. To make matters worse, there is no way that I'm aware of to reproduce this microphone issue, rendering it very difficult to diagnose and debug. I could use some help on this. The issue with audacity happens 100% of the time thankfully, so ideally this could serve as good ground for testing. Some programs have the same problem with the earphone crackling and cutting out (e.g. this is a known issue for Halo: MCC) as well.


All of these problems are completely resolved should I uninstall the iCUE software, however I do not like this solution as I want to have the ability to use the surround sound feature of the Void headset. This issue has occurred across many versions (starting since I got the headset first on Christmas of 2017 and occurring on the latest version as of today).


Any pointers for getting this issue fixed would be greatly appreciated. Do note that for log files, I have just reinstalled the software right before making this post, so any log files from previous dates will be gone.



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