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iCue prevents my i9 10900K from achieving max SC boost


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It's as simple as that. When iCue is running in the background, my 10900K tops out at around 4.9-4.95GHz, when running single core benchmarks or SC limited games.


Exit the software, and the CPU boosts single core up past 5.2GHz. I know the software consumes 1-2% CPU ALL the time (which is bad enough), but honestly didn't consider that it might be actively crippling my CPU single core performance as well. Well done!


Have saved RGB lighting preferences on keyboard, case and case fans to the hardware memory now, and will not be using the software again unless I am adjusting them.


I'm easily running 6+ programs in the background all the time, but not one of them have any discernible CPU usage - except iCue. I have been troubleshooting the SC boost issue for over a week now, even considering returning the CPU since it NEVER even touched 5GHz, with temps well below the max 70C boost limit.


That is all. Hope Corsair takes notice at some point; I know others have complained about the high CPU usage as well.

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