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Left Ear No Audio VOID RGB ELITE USB Headset


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My friend just got a new gaming computer. His audio situation was pretty terrible. Just to listen to his own game volume, he would use Discord on his phone and streamed his game with a second account just to hear! My other friends and I decided that he, our good friend, deserved a new headset for all that he's done for us. Right away, we had immediate problems with the mic. Somehow, we eventually got it to work. Weeks go by and he tells us how he is only able to hear from the right side- the left side doesn't produce any audio! On some days, both sides of the headset work just fine- other days, not so much. It was pretty upsetting to hear that he "deals with it" when he's had a different audio situation before. I have been trying to look for a solution to help him for days. We've tried messing with the settings and sound balance- all of that. Please, we are in dire need of a solution.

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