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Vengence 6182 CPU temps high.

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Hello! New Vengeance 6182 owner. My CPU temps are jumping around between 40 and 60 degrees while idling or web browsing with extremely low utilization according to CoreTemp and HWinfo. Icue says it is below 29 degrees if I’m reading it right. It has also rebooted once while downloading and and the XFX logo on the video card went red when it did this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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In iCUE, are you reading the temp of the CPU as in the processor named itself? Or are you looking at the temp in the cooler? The temp in cooler would represent the temperature of the liquid in the CPU cooler.


Try reaching out to our Support team and they can walk through some troubleshooting to see if there's any issues with your CPU cooler perhaps.


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I have the same system and temps are roughly the same although i rarely see south of 47c after the system has been booted for a bit. Have used several tools to monitor and all are showing between 47 - 57C on idle (1% utilization). I have tried repasting with no real impact. My h100i is set to pump Balanced and Fans at Quiet, they seem to spin at around 700rpm. Setting the fans to Balanced makes the system much to noisy and the fans ramp up to around 1200-1400rpm. Ironically setting the Pump to Quiet makes a gurgling/grinding noise that is louder than balanced.
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