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iCue above 3.23.66 - ACPI warnings and shutdown/restart issues


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I have problems with versions of iCue above 3.23.66, though I have not tested 3.24.52. Confirmed that 3.25.60 and above exhibit the problem. After installing any of these versions, including the latest, I start getting these ACPI event log warnings (attached image) and the computer experiences issues with reboot/shutdown/sleep. Trying to put the computer to sleep results in it shutting down completely after a ~10 minute delay. Since I always use sleep, I cannot deal with this behavior. Reboot and shutdown exhibits the same delay, but eventually do proceed.


Specs (all devices listed running latest firmware)

  • AMD Ryzen 3700X
  • Asus Crosshair VI Hero
  • 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
  • Corsair H115i
  • Corsair K70 Mk2 keyboard


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