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H115i pro xt max fan rpm


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That's probably about right. The "2000 rpm" is the free air, zero resistance specification they always use for fans. Unless you are holding it up in the air with your hand, you won't see that speed. For a medium density, 30mm radiator I would expect the "ML140 high speed" fans to run about 1875 rpm. However, that does not include any resistance from the case and that is becoming a significant factor lately. If the radiator is on the other side of glass or solid panel and it has to suck air around the sides, that type of restriction will further reduce RPM. Same for dust filters. There is also the normal +-10% variance they always lists for fan specs, but most often this is a minor factor and your results appear to be uniform across the three fans suggesting environmental resistance rather than individual peculiarities. Edited by c-attack
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