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Specs of i200 pro


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Hey everyone...:sunglasse

I bought one these(should be here weds) and although I just paid 4500$ I really don't know what I'm exactly getting.;):

I know posted specs on the Corsair site but I'm looking for number drive bays etc. and what exactly can I put in there if I want to.

Expansion type upgrades,what is it capable of,types of expansion.


What I'm really concerned about is if I really need a smaller NVM(gen3) to put the OS on or just partion it on the drive it comes with.

I was going to buy one but just as people are saying yes,put it separate drive an equal number of people say whats the point.The only things you need to back or save is personal files so back those up as you go on a drive separate from the machine.


I also heard if you're going to do that you be better off mirroring the first drive to an identical size drive having windows write the same files to each drive then if the first drive gets ruined by virus etc then just fix with the mirrored copy and carry on.

If it comes with a gen3 ssd I would rather upgrade to Corsairs gen4 ssd is that even possible?


I know this machine is already outdated but it should do me five or so years before I upgrade again and besides you only live once...right?

So why not...right?

(Help me tell my wife about my new visitor..lol)


Actually I love the cooling emphasis.:sunglasse

The way it's shaped is rather "chimney-ish" venting the heat vertically actually working WITH the heat and the way it flows.No other manufacture thought of this in this manner and to me that "thought" is worth a little more.

That is why I chose this computer.

Heats kills electronics so it's nice to see Corsair working on the main thing that slows you down,heat.

At least the shape of the unit helps with evil heat instead of assisting it!

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That's what I needed to know..:D:



Thank you very much!




After further deliberation... [ame]



I think I can live with a few seconds more load time of Tomb Raider...

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Video and thoughts.
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Thanks for going for the Corsair One! Its compact design does make it harder to perform upgrades, but our Support team can further explain what's user accessible and how to perform those available upgrades. Reach out to them!





Well,it would be after the warranty runs out so I have plenty of time to learn about it.

What I'm wondering is (without disassembly) what connections are there?

Not really upgrades but expansion.

How many slots for memory,how many connections for SSD's,HHDs and anything else.I tried to learn about this board on the website but didn't get far.

Just wondering and if I can't expand everything then I want to know.

I'm loving it.

I'm not over-clocking type of guy so it'll do me just fine.


Thanks for the reply.




( and I just realized I have two accounts here and now I have to somehow fix that......I have to delete this one and sign in to the other...would you trust me to work on my own computer,lol)

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