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Harpoon RGB scrolls on its own?


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So, a month or so ago my old mouse died, and being the proud owner of a void pro, I grabbed a fancy harpoon, and came back home satisfied.

Until now, at least.

Whenever I plug in the mouse, a few minutes/seconds will go by, and then it'll start constantly scrolling, it's done only down, and both up and down.

When I unplug it, it'll continue scrolling for a bit then stop.

The only things I've done that change from my usual routine is I usually use a usb hub since half my laptop's usbs are dead haha, well earlier this week I took my pc out of my usual computer room and plugged the mouse directly in, without the hub. It's the only possible reason I can see, apart from that icue and the mouse's drivers are all up to date

((Oh and I just realized there is apparently a wireless version of the harpoon, but I have a wired one


EDIT: I'm an idiot, it was my Huion drawing tablet all along

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