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Its now Japanese


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I have a K95 keyboard that is about 6 months old & it has started behaving weirdly.

The Q & A keys started spitting out random letters for instance.

(a) yuiopq hjkal;'DFGS adfghjskl;'

(q) ieopqrw erwiopuy[qt rtiopuyqw


Every space is a new keystroke but and all other keys seem to work OK.

I looked it up & tried reinstalling iCue but it has the same issue with or without iCue installed & when I tried it on another computer it had the same problem.

Anyway, as per the advice on the forum, I was looking at RMAing it when I decided to look at the firmware & discovered it is now listed as a Japanese layout. I am from the UK.

I have tried to force the update of the firmware but my keyboard then dissapears from iCue & I have to them disconnect it & then reconnect it.

So am I being stupid & somehow managed to change my keyboard settings or is my keyboard truly had it & needs to be replaced?

Thanks in advance.


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