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Confused with setup.


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Ok. I'm having an issue and I don't know if I did my setup correctly?... I have 8 Fans in total, my problem is (6x 120mm) don't lightup only (2x 140mm) and that's on the NZXT AIO.


I purchased (2x Tripple Pack 120mm QL Series Fans) and (1x Pack Double 140mm QL Series) each box comes with a small (iCUE Lighting Node CORE Controller) each 6 Fan Connector with (2x cable one for Sata Power and the other USB 2.0) Now please bare with me trying to explain the setup:


Obviously I had to buy The Commander Pro, now I have all 6x 120mm (4pin Power Cable) connected to the Commander Pro inorder to control the Speed and then I connected the 2x (iCUE Lighting Node CORE Controller) to the Commander Pro via the (2x USB connectors on the Pro) so I connect 6x RGB cables to one of the (Lighting Node CORE Controller) and then the 2x 140mm on the other (Lighting Node CORE Controller).


On the iCUE Software everything is showing working, except that the 6x 120mm fans are not Lighting up?? I can control the 6x 120mm fan speeds, again the iCUE is showing the 6x 120mm fans RGB running, but not on the actual case??... I'm confused.


What's working on iCUE with no issues

-Corsair K70 Keyboard.

-ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand.

-Corsair Vegeance RGB Pro.

-2x 140mm QL Series Fan.


Please help me with this situation...


Updates: I was switching the RGB cables around and

I got 5 out of 6 120mm fans to work, but the last one not lighting up???


https://imgur.com/gallery/jR3XWdw Here's a picture I quickly took to show the top right fan not lighting up...

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hi buddy...


whats your light configs in icue?


8 fans.. assuming you have 2 lighting node cores?


Here's the link showing both Lighting Node connected to Commander Pro with all Fans working, and it shows on the iCUE but that one # 6 Fan not lighting up?




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So ... none of the fans on the LNC with 6 fans are working?

If that's the case, try swapping fan #1 with Fan #6 on the LNC. Just swap the connectors. What happens?


Hold on before we get into a confusing discussion. Please re-read the last thing I said and look at the 3 link images.


Everything seems to be working, but again the RGB Light on the top right Fan is not working. It was the same issue before I previously switched it from channel #1 to now channel # 6.


When I did switched #1 to # 6 the other 5 fans lit up, except again for the top right Fan as you can clearly see on the first image inside the case.


Now the 2 other links shows images of the iCUE showing everything working fine, yet one fan is not lighting up? It does runs and I can control all Fans, but that specifc Fan doesn't light up?

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