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Ability to customize on a use case?


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I love Corsair mouse mats and PSU's... and I'll probably stop right there. I will never buy another Corsair AIO in my life ever again unless there is some way to get all this bloatware off.


I use a SteelSeries headset... so why do I need Corsair Gaming Headset Drivers?


So why then is there nothing in the software or the installer to remove features that you are just plain not using...?


Why is it that it seems that you cannot merely save a default to the AIO and close iCUE and the thing just work how you set it?


Why does this program install and find Corsair hardware, but still deem it necessary to install drivers for other Corsair products that are nonexistent?


Why is it that the AIO gives NO instructions for installing the AIO if a user decides they do not want to use iCUE?

Does the USB provide power to the pump or is it just for updating settings?

Does the USB help provide power to the fans that you could otherwise plug into motherboard or fan controllers?

I mean... looking at the 3-pin that you install on the motherboard it only has one lead... so I am assuming that is to just tell your motherboard "Yeah the CPU has something on it."


By far the worst most overpriced thing in the world... still wishing the CoolerMaster $80 AIO was in stock when I decided my old AIO was probably ready for the grave.


I just really don't understand why there's no set it and forget it option? You can't close iCUE and/or save a default profile to the pump and just never have iCUE open or you lose fan/pump curves AND it reverts to an ugly rainbow effect... it's just actually ridiculous to shove this completely useless program down your customer's throats.

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