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Mac mini recognizes just one bank


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I just purchased a 2 x 16 Gb upgrade for my new mac mini (late 2018).

serialnr = CMSA32GX4M2A2666C18


It only recognizes one bank, bank 0 is empty. I tried to install the original 2 x 4 Gb again and they work, so it's not a failure in the bank of the mac mini.


Any suggestions how to fix this? It is the correct RAM right?




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Double check to ensure that the modules are aligned in the SO-DIMM slots correctly (you can troubleshoot the kit as well by trying each stick from the memory kit in the known working slot to determine if one of the modules might have an issue).


Additional steps:

You could try a PRAM reset on your mac (do this key combination while booting your Mac with a wired keyboard):






Unplug your Mac Mini from power and press/hold the power button for approx. 5 seconds.


These are general troubleshooting steps so please contact our tech support team at https://help.corsair.com for more assistance if needed.

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