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iCUE Case Controller failed (Device Descriptor Request Failed)


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I have inherited a Corsair Carbide Spec-Omega RGB case from a friend who didn't need his anymore. There were no issues with the RGB header system while he had it. I have had it in my system for less than a month and the device has lost connection to my computer. I see the device in the USB Controllers section of Device Manager listed as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). I cannot get the device to properly start up so I can see the device in iCUE as I previously was able to.


Things I have tried:

* Uninstalling the unknown device and restarting (device returns as unknown).

* Uninstalling all USB controllers in the system and restarting (device returns as unknown).

* Uninstalling iCUE with all of the device settings, clearing out the residual registry entries, restarting and reinstalling the software (device returns as unknown).

* Using a different USB header on the motherboard (device returns as unknown).

* Using a USB header splitter- both ports tested and working with a Wraith Prism cooler header (device returns as unknown).


Is there anything else I can troubleshoot in this setup? Can I order JUST the little "Spec-Omega" box itself without having to buy an entirely new case? It sounds like the controller box just fried on me and I don't really want to dump a case just because the controller for the lights is not working.

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