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Ironclaw Wireless button remapping


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I am attempting to remap the 'DPI Up' button to Page Up, and the 'DPI Down' button to Page Down.


This works, but it also adjusts the DPI of the mouse. None of the lights are changing, like iCue isnt aware the mouse is changing the DPI.


This even happens if I disable the buttons. ICue thinks its disabled, the mouse lights don't change, but the DPI increases.


Is this supposed to be happening? How can I stop the 'DPI' buttons from changing the DPI settings?

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I should have used the forum search before starting this thread! I fixed the issue by resetting the mouse by performing:


Quit from ICUE (taskbar, icue, quit)

1 - Turn off the mouse

2 - hold ~3 sec right+left mouse click and turn on the mouse (while holding)

3 - hold 5 more seconds both clicks, the light should be red on the left


This will reset the mouse. Now you can create the remap, it should work

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