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4GB troubles: Corsair 2048-3200Pro on DFI Ultra-D

silent mike

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My system details should be in my signature. The system works fine with smaller RAM sticks and fewer sticks and lesser amounts of RAM even at 100% default BIOS settings. But with the 4 sticks of 1G RAM sticks (PC3200) it will take up to a dozen reboots to finally get back into Win XP2 (fully updated). It crashes trying to boot into Windows.


Amazingly, once in Windows, it seems perfectly stable, running Prime95 indefinitely w/o errors. Yet as soon as I reboot, we're back to the same problem.


I've consulted DFI & their board tweak expert: They have no hands-on experience with 4 GB of RAM.


I've tried so many combinations of BIOS settings over the past week, especially mem, that my head spins.


Mem voltage tried from the default 2.6V to 3.1V.

Vcore from tried from default all the way up to 1.55V.


Rather than post up all the mem settings, does anyone have experience / success trying to run 4G of Corsair (or any other) RAM with any nF4 board?

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I was going to buy a MSI neo4 Platinum or Diamond board and 2 sets of TWINX2048-3200C2 memory. I found the following limitation on MSI website.


from MSI neo4 series:

Note that the maximum supported memory size is 4 gigabytes, although the Athlon 64 can address much bigger memory capacities. Moreover, if all four DIMM slots are occupied with dual-sided DDR SDRAM modules, the memory cannot be clocked above 333MHz.


I assume that the TWINX2048-3200C2 are double sided DIMM's.


Is there still a point in spending top dollars for memory when you can't run it at a clock speed of 200MHZ?


No matter what goodies that come out, there is almost always a catch.




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