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Corsair LL140 Fans broken yet again


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So i bought these fans a while ago and they would not light up, eventually after troubleshooting them for a while i had to RMA (and had to pay shipping myself)


I installed the new ones and they worked for a bit... until they didnt, i was able to get them to light up again somehow like this.

1. plugged a separate power supply (lights turn on)

2. plug original pc's power supply and it worked fine ...until it didn't



Again! the fans wont light up, the previous trick with the separate power supply doesn't work. I've tried everything and as much as i loved corsair i'm starting to think it's just problem with the product design itself.


I'm willing to try everything i can to fix it but I REALLY don't want to pay another 35$ shipping to RMA it AGAIN. at this point the shipping to get it replaced is about to become more expensive than the product itself



Things tried

1. separate USB cable

2. separate PSU

3. Reset button

4. any combination of switching the ports on the lighting hub


any help is appreciated

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