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AXi1200 & HXi750 24 pin ATX cable


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I am trouble shooting a recent upgrade build. I have a refurbished AXi1200 in the system. It replaced a HXi 750. I used all the cables from the new AXi. I suspect I might have an issue with the 1200.


This chart is a bit confusing. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/psu-cable-compatibility


To confirm I am reading it right, I can simply unplug my AXi1200 and plug in the HXi750 without changing cables?


(New Hero XI board, 9900K and PSU) Random issues, slow boot, not shutting off, BIOS freezing while working in it. I am on latest 1502 and going to revert back.


Thanks in advance.

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