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Commander Pro & RGB Hub issues


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Hi there.

I have 4 white LL fans, 2 black fans that come with the H100i liquid cooler fitted in the top and bottom of my case (Lian Li) i have the MF120 fans connected to the cooler.


I initially had the Node pro and the rgb hub all connected and all was fine expect it was so loud so I purchased the commander pro to be able to change the speeds. I wired it all in and the RGBs would not work on these 6 fans.

I am now able to change the speed of the fans but only port 1 and 2 on the RGB hub work.

I switched the cables round to see if it was the fans and every fan works correctly when plugged into ports 1 and 2 in the RGB hub.

So i bought a replacement RGB hub and it has arrived today, and the same issue persists? Only ports 1 and 2 are working?


I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything incase I missed something. I have tried both LED slots in the compro and I also tried plugging the RGB hub directly into the motherboard and none seem to work.


Is the commander pro faulty or is this a simple(ish) fix.


Any info would help thank you.

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