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Numlock indicator not working


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I'm using the K55 on my MacBook Pro running OSX Yosemite. I know it's old, but hey, it's still solid so I'm resisting upgrading.


My super old keyboard broke recently, and I just wanted a quiet backlit keyboard, but I'm not a fan of flat laptop-style keyboards. So I don't really care about programming macros or anything -- I just want a keyboard that works. (Heck, I even set the lighting to just all white!)



The problem is that my numlock indicator does not work. The capslock indicator does work, but the numlock indicator not working is incredibly annoying. Numlock itself works, it's the *indicator* that doesn't -- so half the time I am entering numbers and nothing happens. Or I end up in a completely different input field or elsewhere on a page, which is even worse.


I tried to download the iCUE software, but it won't install on Yosemite.


So it seems that I can't get driver updates because I'm running Yosemite. Is there somewhere I can get the iCUE download for Yosemite? Or at least some way to make the numlock indicator work?


Frankly, I don't understand why the capslock indicator works but the numlock indicator doesn't. Otherwise I like this keyboard and really don't want to have to return it. :-(

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