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Massive Corsair Build | RGB *HELP*


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So...I decided while in quarantine, I was going to build a giant rainbow monstrosity. Since I have so many Corsair based RGB I am having an issue bringing everything together in icue. I went through Zotty's examples and did not see anything resembling a 2 pump, 6 fan, CPU and GPU RGB addressing diagram. Below is an itemized list of what I have going on(Corsair Wise). I see Zotty used a splitter on some of the larger build outs but cannot find that splitter anywhere.


1x Commander Pro

6x Corsair QL Series, Ql120 RGB, 120mm RGB LED Fan

2x Lighting Node Pros that came with the fan packs

1x Corsair iCUE Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller

3X LED strips that I am using as extension cords since I do not have enough LED inputs on the commander pro

2x Corsair Hydro X Series, XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo

1x Corsair Hydro X Series, XC7 RGB CPU Water Block

1x Corsair Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 20-Series GPU Water Block


**Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!**







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