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my Dark Core rgb pro is dead, won't work, i'm done


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So i have had a rough relatiosnhip with my corsair Dark Core since i got it (2 years ago). I have tried to talk with corsairs employees and it ended up to me having to send my mouse to them (didn't have the time to do it).


When i first got this mouse it worked as it should for like couple of months before it started to to not connect to my computer for some reason that i dont know.


Usully when i played it would in the middle of the game(s) for just stop working, the buttons didn't work, the censor didn't work... only the lights of mouse worked.


to get mouse worked after te lost connection i had to switch mouse OFF and unplug the caple, and then plug the caple back and switch ON.... after that it worked a little while, like maxium of 30 minutes until i had to re-do the



and today it shuttet totally, won't even work after capel ON/OFF technique.

even the bad ICUE app isn't answering after i plug the mouse in. Only thing that works is the lights



I'm so done with this bs


Dark Core mouse was great while it worked like it should, but the enjoyment was minimal after suffering anxiety attack(s) after the mouse keep failing.

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