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Requesting RMA

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In January 2005 i bought a new pc. and i bought with it 2 corsiar platinum series XMS pc 3200 (bus 400) both 512meg (1024 in total) had no problems until today. pc randomly restarted and started beeping on me. Ran some tests and one of my sticks went bad apparently.

heres what the lable says on it.


xms3202v5 1

0504004 - 1

XMS3200 512mb 400mhz cl2


I have checked and double checked my bios settings. Everything has checked fine. (i got some help with Newegg where i got it from) and some hardware support forums. Everything was good from the start. I have done 0 overclocking. I wanted to see how long these babies could run w/o it. heres my specs


amd athlon xp -m 3200 (400 bus)

corsair xms series pc3200 2x512

ati radeon 9800xt

dfi lanparty b nforce2 ultra 400


all of my drivers are up to date.



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