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iCUE while pressed macro not releasing key


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Back in the iCUE1 days I used to run this same exact macro which essentially presses left click, does a random delay, then releases left click. This is then setup to repeat constantly while the key is pressed with the same random delay range. This macro worked perfectly in iCUE1, but this is not the case in the new iCUE (which I deeply regret upgrading my keyboard firmware to).


If I go to release the macro it will sometimes stop before finishing the release left click command - thus resulting in the mouse button being held down until I manually click. Is this a bug that is only specific to the new iCUE? I searched online and in this forum but I could not find anything that specifically addresses and fixes this. Any help would be very much appreciated!


For reference I am on iCUE 3.18.77 on a K70 RGB v3.08

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