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Hey everyone,


I'm planning my first pc build and I'm not sure if all components are compatible.


Here are the specs:

I5 10600k

Asus rog strix z490 a gaming

Vengeance rgb pro 3200 white

H100i rgb platinum se v2 white

Maybe gigabyte rtx 2070s in white, not sure if I'm going to take this I one

Corsair 465x in white



I'm pretty sure that everything works together, but I'm not sure about all the cables and rgb stuff.

Can someone pls help me with this.

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I already did that,

But In the manual of the aio it says to connect it to a 3 pin header but I don't think the motherboard has that. Can you please look this up, I'm not much into hardware stuff and don't know all the names of the header.

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