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Inquiry on Ticket # 2001303217

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I received notice via UPS that the item associated with the above ticket number had been received by your warehouse. Can you please advise as to the current status of this ticket?


Thank you for your time.


UPDATE #1 8/5/2020:

I just received notice of my return coming back and a UPS tracking number that is not registering yet as I just received the email and I am sure it is being processed with the email being auto-generated as a result. To anyone watching their own threads here I would say that it seems the turn around time on email responses is 2-3 business days but Corsair did reply to every email so far from me, I get the feeling COVID has impacted them really hard and the return process is probably overloading what is probably an easy process. I would recommend maybe having a temporary ticket tracking site up, seeing as phone support is down, that auto-populates fields for current status with a description of what to expect at any given status update. Maybe this would cut down on agents being probably inundated with, an assumption, a lot of emails and a large case assignment for them individually to handle. Relieves staff and gives customers some glimpse as to where they are at and what time frames at each step to expect so that way maybe we only shoot an email off if that time window is exceeded. Just my .02 but I want to thank the team as I have been taken care of well so far despite it being clear that they are under a large workload.

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Update #1
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