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NEXUS feature request


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I just recieved my NEXUS and I am enjoying it. I have a minor suggestion for a feature change. When creating custom screens and specifically when selecting widgets.. I Have one screen that for example has my CPU core temp, My GPU temp, mosfet temps, and Ram temps.


I use this screen for an easy way to keep an eye on OC temps while experimenting.


The problem is that the label of each of these widgets needs to be customizable, for example 4 out of 5 of the temperature bars literally just say "Temp" and then list the temperature. It would make it MUCH easier to use if you could set the name of the widget, for example MOS Temp, or GPU Temp, instead of all of them just saying"Temp." It gets pretty confusing and hard to use, when I am trying to keep track of 5 different temperature bars trying to remember which order I put them in lol..


Love the new toy however. I am glad I picked one up and look forward to more features down the road. Thank you!

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