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Carbide Spec-01 questions


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In the process of a build in the aforementioned case and have some issues:


1. The tool-free latches at the upper drive cage area don't seem to latch on

securely to a optical drive. I open latch, shove in the drive and close latch

but I can still push the drive out. Something is not catching, what am I

missing here?


2. I'm a rook at this so don't know. If I take out the lower drive cage, will it

make THAT much difference in air flow/cooling? Currently have two 120mm

front fans and one 120mm out the back. Thanks ahead for any comments!

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I have one of those cases and I agree the latch does sometimes not work as well as it could. Try it a few times and it should latch into place.


You fan arrangement is good. Adding one above the CPU would be favorable for more heat extraction.


If you are not using internal hard disks you can remove the disk cage but suggest using and get a hard disk or two which can be used for backups, media libraries etc.


I have a larger chassis with a 2TB SSD

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Thanks for the tips. Will be adding (2) hard drives in addition to the M2 onboard.


On a separate note, really struggling with cable management

being my "first rodeo". Attached are some pics where I just

hooked everything up to make sure it worked. Not a whole

lot of room in back of mobo, the cpu power cables are so thick

have to string them up somehow as to not interfere with putting

the side panel back on.


Any tips whatsoever would be greatly appreciated, I'm a "neat freak"

and this is driving me insane :eek:



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