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Brief feedback on the LS100 kit.


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I just set up my LS100 kit the other day, and am very much enjoying it.


Having a 34" Ultrawide, I opted to go with the base kit, and an expansion pack of 2 450mm strips to have full coverage. They overlap a little on the center top and bottom to accommodate this, but I'd rather that than spots with no light toward each corner.


The build quality is really nice! I actually purchased 2 additional 250mm strips for interior case lighting, as the magnets adhere to the aluminum case, making them easy to put wherever I'd like. I just told the Lighting Node Pro it was 4 LED strips, and it worked flawlessly.


The only two caveats I'd suggest would be:


1. The option to make them brighter. They're a little bit dim compared to some other brands of backlighting, and in Icue we could adjust it accordingly. I'm aware the diffusers, which make the lighting look smooth, are probably partially to blame for this.


2. The magnets are pretty terrible. lol They can barely hold the weight of the strips, and if I would bump my monitor slightly, everything would come crashing down because it's daisy chained together. The magnets should be 5 times more powerful. If that isn't an option due to potential monitor damage or whatnot, I'd just go with a strong 3M adhesive strip which is removable. After some frustration, I ended up ordering some 3M Dual lock, and using little bits where I removed the adhesive magnets, and it worked like a charm.


3. I haven't tried the Audio Lighting, but the Video Lighting could use a little more work. It's not very quick to respond to anything happening on screen, and often times barely does anything at all. Maybe a vague color match. It could certainly be more dynamic.


Anyway, that's about it. Love the setup, and everything is working great. Keep up the good work!!


P.S.: Is there any way to change to Aurora Borealis setting colors? The effect is awesome, I just wanted to change the hue to match the rest of my setup. Thanks again!

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Hey Blacksad,


Thanks for the feedback on the brightness, magnets and video lighting. Another user mentioned that HDR gets him brighter color reproduction, perhaps that's an option for you?


Unfortunately, while my monitor is reasonably nice, it isn't HDR. :(




t1971, I set mine up with the 4 450mm strips, and 2 250mm strips. I just used the 2 monitor option, and it worked just fine for Ultrawide.


P.S.=Mint, you should talk to your co-workers about making a version of the H100i with transparent tubing with RGB. You guys would be the first to do it! Kind of like the Lian-Li Strimer kit, but actually well made. lol

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