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How to turn off capslock, please ?


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Hello, I just got my first good keyboard ever, K70 RGB, very happy with it.


I'm disabled and happen to hit the capslock way to often,I really need to turn it off.


I searched google, and found subjects that were not explicit enough (regedit.exe with some hexadecimal things).

I watched the video tutorial of corsair, and could not apply it.


Could anyone please help me ?


I need a macro that, whenever I hit capslock, waits like 300ms then hit capslock again.


It seemed very easy, but I need a step by step method because I simply can't make it work...



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There's actually a much simpler way to achieve this in iCue.


  • Under your K70 profile in the iCue software, go to "Actions" and click the plus to add an action.
  • In the settings panel, below the image of the keyboard, change the dropdown list from "Macro" to "Disable" (in the actions list)
  • Click the Caps Lock key on the keyboard image. It should leave a little circle with an x in it to mark the key as disabled.
  • Finally, change the setting from "Disable Key" to "Disable key if Lock button is on" (Optional, but recommended)


If you follow all these steps, when you toggle the padlock button at the top of the keyboard it will lock your Caps Lock key as well as your windows key.


I hope this helps, but if you still need the macro as you were describing it, let me know and i'll post up a step by step for that too.


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