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Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse support disappointment


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I am really disappointed in the total lack of support for the Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse which I have recently bought:


1) There is no documentation.

2) Nobody answers any questions in this online forum.

3) Contacting customer support is impossible.

4) The form for contacting customer support is as arcane as the product.


Did I buy the wrong product ? Is this mouse old, not supported, an afterthought, something which no one uses anymore ? Is the idea that once I buy the mouse I am totally on my own with all problems because I should be able to figure out everything for myself ?


I thought Corsair was a reputable company, since I had bought Corsair memory in the past and it always worked well. I guess I am wrong. I will just chalk this purchase up to a $50 mistake and move on. It is clear to me that Corsair does not care if there are problems with this product.

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