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hx 850 corsair 80 platinum electric noise


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hii everyone

have my corsair hx850 80+planitum since 2 years and now since 2 weeks i hearing this song ( see zip )

and now the song come progressively 3 or 2 times in the day (before it was 1 times for the day) im worried about the "electric noise " its coil whine ? and is dangerous or not , even if i hearing this i want just to know if my hx 850 will die or its nothing thks a lot all . ( put volume max for heard the song start 0.25 until the end )


my rig :

z390 gaming plus


2080ti palit

16gb corsair ddr4

https://vocaroo.com/1ddkRAbMrpn this song

coil whine.zip

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