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Lighting getting out of sync with iCUE


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I built my computer about a month ago and up until a couple of days ago was having no issues with the lighting of my corsair products. Recently though, my H100i RGB Platinum, Vengeance Pro RGB RAM, and QL 120 fans have been randomly reverting to their stock lighting configuration. When I go into iCUE, it still shows them with the lighting configuration I setup. I can change the lighting type but I cannot select the various LEDs. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated!


Additional Notes: It appears to work properly when I watch videos on Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, etc. but when I pause the videos or stop watching them, the lighting effects stop: the fans revert to all white, the H100i platinum cooler colors jump around, and the RAM will keep cycling the colors. As soon as I unpause or start a video, the lighting goes back to the settings set in iCUE.

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