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Installing iCue Software is a JOKE

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It's really sad that to use all the awesome abilities that come with Corsair products, you need to install a software program that doesn't want to install. I've been attempting to install it for over 3 hours.


Originally I've had it installed for a couple of years. Purchased a Scimitar today - so I open up icue to play with the mouse. It says the Firmware isn't good and needs to be repaired. I repair it. Stuck at 100% for 45 minutes. Abort, reboot. Same thing. Reboot. Attempt to delete all Corsair files to do a full reinstall. Files are being used by another program. Reboot. Fresh reboot, same issue with deleting the files. Attempt to install on my 2nd drive. Stuck at 68% for another 30 minutes. Close out all window installers, redo installation. Same things.


I cannot believe that this is so hard for a company as esteemed as Corsair to have a package like this that is simply undownloadable. Makes me wonder why I went away from Razer to begin with.


I'm open to suggestions to try to get this fixed before I return the product.

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