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Lighting Node Core + LED strips


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Hello there,


Ive dipped my toes into RGB recently. Corsair has certainly made things easier, but I have few concerns atm.


Currently, I have the 220T RGB Case which came with 3 SP120 Pro fans and a lighting node core pre-installed.

Then I decided to get the LS100 and there was no issue to installing it as it uses external power and usb connection.


However, I have decided to get the lighting node pro starter kit, which gives me LED strips and another controller. My issue with the controller as I cant grasp its connection.

My motherboard, Gigabyte Z390 Gaming SLI, only has 1 F_USB header which is not used by the case, and it allowed me to plug the Lighting node core into it instead. So, if I were to get the lighting node pro (with the LED Strips) where would I plug it? I see that it also requires USB connection into the motherboard, but I dont have any room for another internal USB connection.


This might be a generic question, and im prolly missing something.. but its really preventing me from getting it. im just lost.

Any help would do!

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