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Suggestion - USB charging from PSU


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I'm building a new PC and I've come to the conclusion that I'm 1 plug short of being able to power everything. I've been thinking for ages of how I can free up 1 socket. Then I thought, if I was able to charge my phone through the PC while the PC is off, I wouldn't need my phone charger plugged in.


Thats when I thought it would be great if there was at least 1 quick charge USB port fitted directly to the PSU that charges whether the PC is on or off.

Its low powered, so the PSU wouldn't need the fan to run and the PSU is always receiving power, so surely it can still use it when the PC is off.


To go one step further you could also connect the USB to the motherboard, so that when the PC is turned on, you can access the plugged in device.


Just a suggestion, but I think it would be really useful.

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