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Corsair Veng Pro RGB RAM not showing up in AURA Creator

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  • 6 months later...
I have this same issue, I do not think custom profiles are able to output to the RAM yet. As the other profiles are presets and I assume the plugin is only catered to those presets. I hope they bring out a plugin or update for them to enable the custom lighting effects from creator to play on the RAM.
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  • 3 months later...
That level of customization regarding our RGB memory is only available via the ICUE software and you will be limited to the standard presets in the Aura software if you wish to use Aura to control our RGB memory.


This functionality use to work. It broke with one of the updates. Corsair ram use to show up in the AURA Creator under available devices. No one has address the broken functionality for awhile.

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