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Corsair crystal 570X GPU bracket removable ?


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My question is if it is possible to remove the GPU bracket

Becasue if I wanna have vertical GPU I don't wanna cut my back from my pc and don't want to pay more for the 90 degrade cables so.


Is it possible to remove the whole you bracket?


If you have a better solution tell more


Thnx for helping out

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these exist

no need to mangle your case at all. this just screws in place


So if you can see the picture these screws on this side and on the otherside those 6 screws should be removed and then I can put the phanteks vertical GPU in place round just to clarify. Because I don't want to cut my back from my pc to use vertical cable I want it clean and no trouble with cutting GPU bracket from my case.


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Are you sure yours is the Crystal version and not the Mirror Edition? Because I think the Mirror Edition has the GPU vertical mount option built into it.


If you buy the Phanteks one then yes you would need to cut at least 1 of the bars on your case between the PCI slots at the rear. You could go for CableMods version which builds in an inch or so space and comes with 2x 90 degree DP cables. Just bear in mind it will close the gap between your GPU and the front fans/rad by an inch or so (it is also quite pricey)

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