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Dark Core RGB PRO SE - Polling Rate


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Hi all, I have not long got this mouse but I am unable to get a 2000hz polling rate out of it, as far as I can tell anyway.


I am using this site to check:




A mate of mine has the same mouse as me and can get 2000Hz out of it (Yes I set it to 2000 in iCue)


The difference between us being that he is on an X570 with a Ryzen 9 3900X and a different ASmedia USB3 Chipset (I do not know what USB port he is using) and I am on an X370 With a Ryzen 5 3600.


I have tried all my USB ports, USB2 and USB3, Ports that are on the chipset, CPU and ASmedia ones.


I have made sure all my drivers are as up-to-date as I can find. Apart from the ASMedia 2142 as I can not find drivers for this other than the ones Windows installs.


Any ideas people?

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