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Crystal 570x sail logo doesn't light up. please help.


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I just finish building my new PC after install the OS and dowload iCUE. the sail logo light doesnt come on. i can control all 3 fans on iCUE just fine, but not the sail logo and i did choose sp 120 fan on 4 of the ports. I connect my 3 fans infront of the case to 1-3 rgb hub port and the 4th port i connect it with the sail logo light. When that doesnt work, I connect sail logo head to the RGB LED connector to my mobo(top right connector). the flash of light came out of my PSU area also a little smoke. My question is will the rest of my pc parts be ok? Are there anyway to fix the light? or the sail logo lef light is just burn up. After this happen i unplug the sail logo port and let PC runs games for 4-5 hours and nothing happen.


my motherboard is asus crosshair viii hero.

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