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H100i Pro Request for Help with BIOS and iCUE


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I'm new to the forums and new to building my own computers. I put together my first about a year ago and it had been functioning admirably until the pump failed on the H100i Pro. I have a few questions about configuring this cooler that I'm hoping to get help with and I'm having some confusion over what I'm seeing in my BIOS settings and iCUE.


I RMA'ed my original cooler and received the replacement today. I installed it fine and am using the same BIOS settings as with my old cooler to ensure the pump has 12V power all the time. HOWEVER! I am new to this world of AIO coolers and I believe I'm doing something wrong. In the first attached image, you can see my BIOS screen for fan control. The 3 pin fan connector wire from the cooler is plugged into my motherboard's (MSI MPG X570) PUMP_1 header (there is nothing plugged into the CPU header). So, I believe I have configured this header correctly to always deliver 12V of power to this connector, regardless of temp.


To my first questions, does the 1104RPM that BIOS is reporting correspond to the pump RPM or the fans? And, do I have this configured correctly to ensure the pump is always getting 12V?


There's some confusion on my part because in the other image I've attached, you can see what iCUE is reporting. Approximately the same RPM for the pump that I saw in BIOS and low fan RPM. The confusion comes in because iCUE reports the entire cooler is set to "Quiet" and if I crank it up to "Extreme," the pump RPMs will top off in the high 2000s. I thought the entire purpose of setting the pump to 12V power all the time meant it would always be at max RPM, which it obviously isn't if it's reporting at 1100ish but can go well over 2000.


I believe I'm fundamentally misunderstanding this setup and could use some guidance both on ensuring I have the pump set up correctly for its power needs and understanding the disconnect between BIOS and iCUE.


Thanks for any help!



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