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RGB in atx G5


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Good day all. Im new to pc gaming, new to pc building (despite 10 years of technical IT), and especially new to pc rgb.


See the image. This is current state. Corsair Vengence Rgb ram, with off hand rgb 5050 led with inline controller.


Since this was a Mac G5 atx conversion, i wanted to keep the fans and miraculously i was able to control them with a fan controller. I butchered each 92mm fan so that i could DIY my own rgb fans. Each fan has its own little strip of 5050 4 pin leds attached, a total of 6. Then theres the strip at the top. I would like to add an additional strip to the middle rack. So we're talking 8 strips of leds that i now want to link to iCue.


I know ill have to replace all the strips with true argb strips. I went out and purchased the Commander pro to confirm i can connect it to my Dell mobo.(rgb header-less)


My questions are this:

1. Should i instead get the lighting node core from ebay (i havent been able to get the mac fans to work with the cPro)

2. If i stick with the cPro, i have two channels so does this mean i have to run 4 strips on each channel in series (daisy chain)?

3. Can a led splitter cable be used with corsair?


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